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What Markings are Required on Retreaded Tyres?

The specific regulations and markings required on retreaded tyres in Europe may vary slightly from country to country. However, there are common markings that are typically required to meet European regulations. These markings are intended to ensure safety, quality, and compliance with relevant standards.

Some of the common markings required on retreaded tires in Europe include:

  1. E-Mark: The “E” mark, followed by a number, indicates that the tire meets European Union (EU) regulations and standards.
  2. Retread Identification Number (RIN): A unique code assigned by the retreader to identify the retreaded tyre’s manufacturer and the retreading plant.
  3. Load Index: It denotes the maximum weight capacity the tyre can handle.
  4. Speed Symbol: It indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can be safely operated.
  5. Other Standard Markings: Additional markings may be required for specific tyre types, like winter tyres or commercial vehicle tyres, to meet the relevant standards.

Keep in mind that regulations may change over time, and it is essential to refer to the most current European tyre regulations and standards to ensure compliance with the requirements.

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