Myth 1: Retreaded tyres are less safe than new tyres.

Reality: When properly manufactured and inspected, retreaded tyres meet safety standards and perform comparably to new tyres. They undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure reliability.

Myth 2: Retreaded tyres have a higher risk of blowouts.

Reality: Blowouts are not exclusive to retreaded tyres. Proper maintenance, correct inflation, and adherence to load limits are crucial factors that influence tire safety regardless of whether the tyre is new or retreaded.

Myth 3: Retreaded tyres offer inferior traction and handling.

Reality: Advanced retreading technologies use high-quality materials and treads designed to deliver excellent traction and handling, similar to new tyres. Their performance largely depends on the retreading process and the original tyre's condition.

Myth 4: Retreaded tyres are only suitable for specific vehicles.

Reality: Retreaded tyres are available for various vehicle types, including passenger cars, trucks, buses, and airplanes. They are engineered to match specific requirements and applications, making them versatile options across industries.

Myth 5: Retreaded tyres negatively impact fuel efficiency.

Reality: Retreaded tyres can actually improve fuel efficiency because they are lighter than new tyres. Reduced weight leads to less rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel economy and cost savings over the tyre's lifespan.


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